Danny Buckley was born in Lafayette Indiana in 1987. He began his musical studies at the age of 14 when
he began studying electric guitar in the Heavy Metal and Alternative Rock Idioms.

In 2006 he entered Millikin University to study Music Business and Classical Guitar.
He quickly excelled in Music Theory and began to compose music for and act in independent student film projects.

In recent years Danny Buckley has demonstrated the ability to translate a variety of different emotions
into musical expression.

Danny has composed various different works in several styles for both solo piano and chamber ensemble.

His influences are diverse ranging from the Metal sounds of Cradle of Filth to the impressionistic sounds
of Debussy, and the atonal sounds of Webern and Schoenberg.

He is currently working on specializing in the fusion of Heavy Metal and Orchestral/Chamber music.
The combination of these two forces will drive to create a pleasing synergy for anyone fascinated by the art of music.

He hopes that his music can offer something for everyone’s own listening enjoyment.

Danny Buckley holds a degree in Music Business from Millikin University
that also includes intense study in Composition, Music Theory, and Classical Guitar.
He also comes from a strong background of several years of training in Heavy Metal guitar technique.

Self taught in Counterpoint, Orchestration, and Film Scoring Danny hopes to bring new ideas
to the musical forefront; and to integrate older ideas into originality.

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